Monday, 5 September 2011

Bluebird K7

Adding scale type rivets,using MY quilting tape !
Bottom half painted.


jan said...

Looking good. Had to laugh at the quilting tape Liz, you don't really use that do you????

QuiltandPatch said...

Well YES I do!!! It was bought for me years ago by a friend and if I am doing a special quilt,where I want the stitches to look as neat as possible then yes I use it! I am not an expert quilter like some I could mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jan said...

Ha ha ha ha, I have seen this tape in shops and online shops and wondered if peeps do use it. Oh bless you Liz, good for you, but doesn't it get in the way. Nosey old bird aren't I? The only expert Quilter I know - I think - Hand wise that is, is Susie Corke, nip over to Ferret's Blog and you will see what I mean.