Thursday, 22 September 2011

Now going to bore you with more weekend holiday photo's.

Sparkford (Haynes) Motor Museum.
Now this IS a 'pick-up'!!
This propeller is a replica of the one used on the first voyage across the Atlantic in 1845.weighing 3.9tonnes it drove the ship up to 12 knots.
Love the detail!
Anyone for sheeps head?
Fish cooking !
Photo says it all! Front end!
Front of S.S.Great Britain.


Caz said...

I live nearish to the Haynes Motor Museum. Pity I didn't know you were going, we could have met up!
Caz x

QuiltandPatch said...

No we didn't know either until that morning when we were leaving cousin wanted to take me to Cadbury garden centre, then onto the motor museum for him and DH. We then took him onto Alfreds Tower at Stourton but was 4pm by time we got there and a bit damp so we didn't go up the tower. Must go up another day!