Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Now going to bore you with weekend holiday photo's.

Sparkford Motor Museum,visited with Colin on the way home.
On our way home,Colin wanted to see Alfreds Tower.
Bristol Suspension Bridge,first time I have ever been over it! Spectacular!!
Weston-super-mare. The new pier,what colours!!
Sunset and The Windmill.Portishead.
Colin, Andrew and Clare.
The Matthew of Bristol.
What a rear!!
Under water scene!
Now used for parties and weddings!
Where the bread was made.
Showing the cramped conditions on the S.S.Gt Britain.
Can you tell who is for real??
Just love taking photos of the unusual!
Looking skywards!
Now on the S.S. Great Britain. (oh there's that shifty man again!)
Not sure what these are for just thought they looked good. A strange man following us though!(looks a bit shifty) hehe
Not sure who she is but such a lovely pose!
Saw this beautiful cat, not sure if it was a cross between Siamese/Burmese but a lovely meow just like Bonny!
Look at the sun on the water,couldn't have been a better day!
Colin's D-I-L. Clare playing at Portishead Marina.
I believe a 'match' factory stood on this site.
What a coincidence one of my quilting friends husband was in Portishead too! All the way from Melksham!!
Bluebird, first day got water in due to very choppy conditions,second day much calmer though water still getting in, back home for modifications!!
Canal boats first proper trial,went well.
Colin's R.C. boat.
How very apt! This is where we stayed in Portishead,well not exactly under the sign( not turned into a hedgehog quite yet!) Roy's cousin has a flat in this road.


jan said...

WOW Liz just fabulous photos well done, I love the reflection one and the skywards one and the lady - whoever she is - and I would think the person in the middle was the real one - hahahahaha
great piccies going back for another look.

jan said...

...and the one of the inside look at the floor now there is a quilt waiting to be made if ever there was one.
So many great photos Liz, I am very impressed with your photo skills.

QuiltandPatch said...

Thanks for the lovely comments Jan.I just love taking photos and the more unusual the better.The SS Great Britain is sat on glass with about (I am told)just a few inches of water between two pieces of glass,so it looks from the top like it is in the water but underneath is something else!!

pascale said...

Liz you look like you had a great time. nice photos as well.

QuiltandPatch said...

Thanks Pascale,we did have a good time.Hope you are well and getting a bit more done now the girls are back at school.love Liz xx