Sunday, 25 September 2011

Odd makes,cushions and bags.

Ruler bag.
Cushion for Joann.
Embroidered cushion for Val and Colin.
Panda bag for Paula!
Bags for charity.
Christmas bag.
My cushion.

Japanese folded patchwork.
Paula's Panda cushion.
Friend Val's granddaughter.
Our grand daughter.
Cushion made for friend Denise.
Cushion for friends anniversary.


pascale said...

Ouah ! Liz you have made so many cushions. I love that they are all personal to the recipients. Great ideas in there.

QuiltandPatch said...

Thanks Pascale. Love Liz

jan said...

You have been hiding your light under a bushel I can see.

QuiltandPatch said...

These have all been in my album on