Thursday, 8 September 2011

Photos of how to make a Design wall.

Sew a seam for rod to go through.

A rod.

And a fleece.

A handyman/husband or similar!!

Thread rod through fleece sleeve.

Tools needed.

Plus hooks.

Hang and there you have a design wall,just place your fabric blocks on,they will stay but you can pin if desired.

Move around as desired.

Find a blank wall.
These may not come out in the right order but it will be fun trying to work out what you do first!!Hehe


Irene said...

Super Design Wall Liz, and so easy to make. Irene

QuiltandPatch said...

Thanks Irene.

jan said...

Started from the bottom and worked upwards and it was great, well done Liz your first tutorial. Great one too. If I had a hammer!!!!! hee hee