Wednesday, 28 September 2011

More of my work.

Jacket knitted for Harriet. Christmas 2010.
Table mats for Phil who loves London red buses.
Purse open with room for cards,envelopes, stamps,credit cards and pen.
Purse made for Anne,who bought these two gorgeous cats from me, as kittens. No longer with us,they lived for about 16 years.
I think you could say I was on a roll making these!!!
Spanner roll for DH.
Hairdresser roll,for scissors and combs etc.
Roll made for my hairdresser.
Spring table topper.
Tissue holder for Paula.(Panda lover,she actually drew this one!)
Tissue holder for Callie.
Tissue holders ,some personalised for friends who bought kittens from me others sold at craft fairs.

Made 3 of these for Cleeve House Tea Rooms.(to match their chairs)
Pouch for fabric cutter for my friend Christina.
Christmas bells.
Stuffed Christmas trees.
Milk bottle tops, for this Christmas tree!

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jan said...

Brillianr, you clever girl, love those purses and tissue holders you made for people, that is so kind Liz, and the cosy's for the House. Good stuff, well done.