Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Some of my quilts.

Quilt in progress for Harriet.
One of my first bags.(how bright is that!)
Quilt for Harriet.made from a panel.
Harriet's Christmas advent wall hanging.
Olivia's Christmas advent  wall hanging.
Blocks made by Kate.Put together in her memory by myself!
Olivias quilt.
Back of magic patch  lap quilt as below!
In memory of Alice our wonderful Blue Burmese.Magic patch I believe it is called.
African quilt made for Paula.
Dolls cot quilt made with smaller pieces of left overs!

2nd cot quilt made with left overs.
Cot Quilt.


jan said...

My goodness Liz, you do keep yourself busy apart from the 'hogs'. How are they? Very quiet on their front now!!!!!

QuiltandPatch said...

Hogs are all well and eating me out of house and home!!! Painted another the other night but wondering if that is number 15 or number 1's paint worn off!!
As for the sewing,the first thing I done after going to lessons was my double bed quilt.As that was a first project I thought now I am going to make small things for a change,hence the bags cushions boxes etc.